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Yea, Cant wait. Momentum, Impact, the whole lot. If I don't pass, you will never hear from me again.

Physics test tommorow,Scantron too!

The Choices you make...

2007-11-07 18:24:02 by Jdid112



Fiven. :)


And be Amazed.

This is real love.

2007-09-15 20:30:41 by Jdid112

This is real love.

This is real love.

Pic, Nothing more.

2007-07-26 14:32:19 by Jdid112

Pic of my new movie.

Will not reveal anything more.

Pic, Nothing more.

My New movie Alpha!

2007-07-24 15:03:38 by Jdid112

I tried to submit an alpha, it's not working so here it is!

1. What is the story behind your latest creation?

I started Old time saviors a while back, I was very amatuer when I began the series, I liked the overall story and decided that it would be good to remake and finish it.

2. Who or what inspired you to begin your production?

Me, and the fans of the flash.

3. How long have you been working on it, and when do you expect to finish?

Just started it. I want it in before school starts, to show friends.O YESsSSS! Just because over time, my skill has progressed.It will be about the same as the last one, a few tweaks in the story line, and much better animation

4. Do you feel that this is better than your previous work? If so, why?

O YESsSSS! Just because over time, my skill has progressed.

5. Do you feel that this is something original? What have you done to make your creation different?

It will be about the same as the last one, a few tweaks in the story line, and much better animation

6. What has given you the most difficulty during the development process of your new creation?

Errrmmm.... I would have to say the storyline. Most of my movies end nowhere, and I don't want it to happen in this flash.

7. Have you learned new techniques from making this, and do you plan to use them in the future?

Haven't really begun animation, more like pre-op animation

8. Besides Flash, did you pull any other programs into the mix to deliver your desired effect?

ya.... Photoshop.

9. How do you feel this creation will measure up to other submissions on Newgrounds?

Heck yes. And with these noob artist coming about, I shouldn't have any problem.

10. Any final thoughts or anything else you would like to say?

Yes, Vote 5, and I LOVE YA MEDINUS!


There. You guys like that?

WOW... NG surely has changed...

2007-07-19 23:39:03 by Jdid112

Dang, I was looking around the internet for some flash videos, and I remembered one I like on Newgrounds, so I came here, and WHOA!!!


So now I feel like crap because my computer is not working and I have to type from an old crappy one. I can't wait to start doing flashes again. The site has so many new features.

I'll be back!

And for the record, those Aren't my hands in the picture below. In fact, I'm not even white.

WOW... NG surely has changed...